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Create offline version for CD- does software create an autostart?

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May 8, 2012 at 9:18 am #6827

To create a CD / DVD version of the publication do the following.

Open 3D Issue and create a publication (if you haven’t already).

When you are ready to build the publication go to the Output tab of the software.

In the format panel on the left uncheck every box except for the “Mac / PC Standalone” option which should remain checked or be checked if not already.

Uncheck the “Upload” box.

Then click build.

When the build is complete a small window will appear with a few options, because of the output settings we used there will be two options.

View Offline

Open Folder.

Select Open folder. In the window that opens you will see a few files and some folders. Locate the “Offline” folder. This contains the Mac and Windows compatible Offline editions. An offline.zip and offline.exe. These files can be copied/ burned to a CD / DVD disc and be run on their respective devices.

The software does not create an autostart feature for you but it is pretty simply to set up an auto-run feature for Windows computers. Most computers will have this disabled though it will work for those that allow auto-run. This unfortunately will not work for Mac OSX computers.

Open Notepad

Paste the following code:



Save the file as autorun.inf, ensure that file type is set to “all files” and not “txt”

Copy this file into the same folder as the offline edition

Then copy all those files & subfolders to your CD for burning.



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