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Changed library.fla, created SWF, cannot see changes?

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May 7, 2012 at 10:32 pm #6726

This is what I’ve done.

Altered the library.fla file to my needs

Published to the root directory of the installation – this is now the newly updated library.swf file

Copied this file to the master_files/library1 directory

Started a new project. Once project is done, I confirm that the library.swf file is the newly edited file – it is the correct file

I ‘Preview’ the new project in 3D issue and it still shows the default (old) library.swf. I refresh, save, try new projects and the same thing happens… it still shows the default library.swf

The preview  area is a different flash magazine that is embedded inside our software. It is separate to the finished flash magazine that has been generated for uploading. As the preview area contains a flash magazine that is encapsulated inside another application it cannot read in an external swf file. In this case the library.swf.

Upload the project and you will see the change.



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