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Can I make iPad app using this software?

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May 7, 2012 at 10:07 pm #6669

Can I use 3D Issue to turn my publications into iPad apps?


Our software creates HTML5 web app for your magazine. So it takes your PDF, converts it into a digital version like this: https://samples.3dissue.com/flipbooks/magazine-samples/3dissuedemo/html5/ which can then be viewed on desktop, mobile, tablet devices. You can test this out by viewing this link from first your computer, then open the same link https://samples.3dissue.com/flipbooks/magazine-samples/3dissuedemo/html5/ on your iPad. You will see on your iPad, you can then turn this into a Web App.

This means you can publish your content once for readers on any device with a browser to view. It also means you do not have to go through the Apple approval process and submit each publication and updates to Apple. You can create publications and amends quickly, upload to your own website and allow your readers to download the web app via your own site.



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