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Can I label buttons?

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May 7, 2012 at 11:18 am #6554

Query applies to Pro users of 3D Issue Version 5.


“I have numerous button graphics on my page, I was wondering if I could label these?”


Each time you add an interactive element, there’s an ‘Advanced’ option menu.

To try this out follow these steps:

1. Create a new ‘Information’ button. Select it from the ‘Interactive’ features menu, and then draw out the button on the publication.

2. A dialog box will appear. This dialog box will contain two text-fields ‘Title’ and ‘Description’. Just enter anything you like into these boxes.

3. Now look to the bottom-left corner of the dialog box. You should notice an ‘Advanced’ button, click it and a new set of features will be available to you.

4. In the text-field labelled ‘Roll-over Text’ insert some text, whatever text you insert here will be displayed to the reader when they hover over the button.

5. Once complete, select ‘OK’. Then select ‘Preview’ to load up preview of the publication.



Navigate to where the button is and hover over it. A tooltip should popout which states the roll-over text. You can use this method for all the interactive buttons, and it’s especially useful for giving more details on the contents of a video.

How do I apply roll-over text to buttons that already exist?

You can re-open the dialog box at any time by simply ‘double-clicking’ the button. You can then select the ‘Advanced’ options and change the rollover text to whatever you wish.


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