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Can I include my own introduction file?

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May 7, 2012 at 10:27 am #6472

I am currently using your 3D issue software for creating an online publication for one of my clients. My question is in relation to the “Quick Start” box. Is there an option to amend the texts within that area. My client has requested for further sign-posting instructions to their end-user, therefore I wish to use that space to give further instructions to the viewer of the publication.

You can create your own version of the ‘Quick Start’ box and import it into your publication through 3Dissue. If you go to the ‘Design’ tab and click on ‘Appearance’ you will see a drop down menu entitled ‘Intro’.
If you set this to ‘Custom’, a window will appear that allows you to import your own intro or ‘Quick Start’ file and set the appropriate dimensions for it.

Please note this file must be in swf*, png, gif or jpg format.

*SWF’s are not supported by Apple iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone.


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