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c13 Error

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May 8, 2012 at 9:34 am #6893

If you are getting this error message then it means that the software failed to instantiate the license protector DLL.

If you are using windows 2000, then you will need to download a fix file and unzip it to your 3D Issue installation folder and run. This will resolve the issue. To obtain this fix file, contact support@3dissue.com

Otherwise, our software requires that you activate the software online. In most cases it can be as simple as the fact that you are offline. If this is the case please connect as the software must contact our activation server in order to complete the installation of your software. Alternatively if you are behind a firewall it may be because your firewall security is blocking this communication. In this case you will have to

1. Contact your webmaster
2. Contact support@3dissue.com for a manual activation code


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