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How much bandwidth is needed to manage online publication?

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May 7, 2012 at 10:17 pm #6704

There are several factors that determine the speed and bandwidth usage of the digital edition. Primarily it depends on the output settings that the client makes when generating a digital edition.

For example if a client exports at 300 dpi and 100 quality it is going to require a lot of memory and download as the page images will be massive.

Ideally it is better to output at 120-150 dpi and 50-60% quality

Then you must consider whether to choose an initial page size. Should you have “stretch to fit browser” selected or not selected ?

Choosing the “stretch to fit browser” means that the flash magazine will import pages to fit the maximum height allowed in the current browser display. If “stretch to fit browser” is not selected it will mean that the pages are imported at a pre-determined fixed size.  If not selected the flash magazine will run 2-3 times faster and require less memory demands on the clients browser. If you are thinking of creating a publication of over 100 pages then my recommendation is to ensure that “stretch to fit” is not selected as the user must zoom in anyway to read the content so do not overburden their browser.



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