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I am trying to add my own customised introduction but it is not positioning correctly. Its like it is being positioned from the start of the centre rather than at the center? What am I doing wrong.

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May 8, 2012 at 9:17 am #6821

When adding your own custom introduction you have the choice of adding it as either a SWF file or as an image.  Whichever you add you must insert the width and height of the image or swf file that you are inserting. The application needs these values in order to correctly position the file.

The starting point for the placement of the graphic is the dead center of that space. So when you enter the values like in the above example, the app will know to move the file 200 pixels to the left of center and 100 pixels up from the center in order to position the file correctly.

If these values are not entered, then the app will move the file 0 pixels to the left of center and 0 pixels up from the center. So the center of that area will be the starting point and this is why it will appear off-center & to the right.

Also be cautious of the size of the file that you insert, it is always best to ensure that it does not exceed the available space


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