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Activate by E-Mail / Fax / Phone PART 1

Contact Support
May 8, 2012 at 9:33 am #6889

In order to activate the software by e-mail, please follow these steps:

1. In the Welcome screen select the option “I have a serial number and I want to activate 3D Issue professional v3.3.“:

2. You will proceed to the next screen:

Enter your details, including the serial number that your company received from us at purchase, and click on “Request Unlock Key by E-mail . send E-Mail” and forward the email that is created to the email address support@3dissue.com.

We will process your information and will send back an email containing the activation required to fully unlock your software, after that you may read “Activate by E-Mail / Fax / Phone PART 2” for instructions.

If, when running the software, you see the following screen, just press “Back” and follow the steps explained above.


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