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Installs (PC/MAC)

This represents the number of individual machines that you can install this software on
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Flipbooks Desktop

Package includes license for the Flipbooks Desktop software
Flipbooks online

Unlike subscription, a lifetime license does not include our online service

Host your magazines on your own server
Branded Libraries

All magazines are uploaded into a library so your audience can see them all. To separate different magazine brands into different libraries you need an additional branded library.
1 1 1
Flash-free HTML5 editions

Our HTML5 magazines contain vectorized text to offer customers the same quality as our previous Flash version without the problem of them being blocked by browsers.
Mobile Friendly

Your digital publications will be viewable on mobile, tablet and desktop.
Mobile-centric editions

2 versions of each publications are created. One optimised for desktop and one optimised for mobile.
Full rich media

Enhance the reader experience by embedding animations, video, audio books, web links and much more.
Cloud Hosting

Host your magazine on our cloud, which is often faster than your own server
Part of Cloud Services Part of Cloud Services
User Login

Restrict access to members only by enabling our user login tool or integrate 3D Issue into your existing process
Part of Cloud Services Part of Cloud Services
Social Plugins

Allows you to integrate your social content within your digital editions. This lets your readers get the most up-to-date news alerts and information.
Part of Cloud Services Part of Cloud Services
Upgrade protection

You have the option to add Upgrade Protection to your software for an annual fee. This cover ensures you receive all upgrades as soon as they are released. There are normally 3-4 upgrades per year.
Optional add-on Optional add-on
Unlimited pages

There is no limit to the number of pages you can have in a publication.

Enable your readers to leave notes within your publication that they can access later
Text Highlighting

Enable your readers to highlight text of interest or see text search results highlighted on the page
Auto-translation of Flipbooks

Translate the text of your publications to any language
Library landing page

Create an archive with all your past issues
Multiple view modes

Select from slide, flip and presentation modes
Multiple language interface

Allows you to manually add different languages for the Flipbook interface
FTP uploader

Instantly upload your publications to your live site with our built in FTP uploader.
Multiple zoom settings

Use our multiple zoom feature to adjust your Zoom for desktop, tablet and mobile viewing.
Click to call

All correctly structured phone numbers within the text of the page will automatically be active call links.
Google Analytics

Enable your google analytics account to track each interaction your readers make with your digital publications along with other key google analytics metrics such as demographics, source, browser and time.
Live editing

Add, delete or replace pages on live publications without having to start again.
Multiple Skins

Show from an array of custom designs or create your own to suit your brand.
Keyword search

Allow your readers to search for specific items of interest with keyword searching.
Customized Design

Change the look and feel, logos, backgrounds and preloaders to suit your brand.
Customized loading logo

Personalize the loading screen of your publications to fit your brand
SEO optimization

All publications and pages are optimised to maximize your visibility on search engines.
Thumbnail navigation

Thumbnails provide your readers with quick access to any page of your publication.
Deep linking

Link to specific pages within a publication and have the publications load on that page.
Account Manager

Once you purchase, you will be assigned an account manager, they will reach out to assist you in getting started and help in any way.
Import multiple PDFs

Merge multiple PDFs into one Flipbook.
Advertising banners

Add advertising banners to your digital magazines.
Print pages option

Decide whether you want to allow your customers to print a page of your digital publication.
Download PDF option

Decide whether you want to allow your customers to download a PDF version of your digital publication.
Right to left orientation

This feature allows you to create digital publications that are read from right to left.
Full screen view

Allows your readers to view your Flipbooks in full screen mode, for a better reading experience.
Separate uploader

The conversion and uploading is automatically moved to a separate app allowing you to instantly continue working on new projects.
Auto-link detection & placement

If your PDFs contain links, the software will detect them and place them in the digital publication automatically.
Custom link detection

Create live links instantly from your product reference codes with our custom link detector.
Embed video

Embed video directly into the pages of your publications.

Add audio files, background music or create audio books with our advanced audio feature set.
Photo gallery support

Create slideshows with our image galleries tool.
iOS & Android App

Enable your mobile readers to view online and download your publications into 3D Issue’s native app for offline reading.
Auto create and publish

Drag and drop PDFs into the “3D Issue” folder on your computer and see them automatically published online.
Priority Support

Our support team are online from 4am -4:30pm EST (9am – 9:30pm GMT) to help with any assistance you may need.
CD/Offline versions

Create Flipbooks for distributing via DVD, USB or for downloading onto desktop.
Shopping cart

Integrate your Flipbook with your existing shopping cart.
Create hotspots

Create hotspots to launch page links, emails, webpages, video, audio or animations.

Allow your readers to create notes within your publications and view at a later date.

Allow your audience to bookmark pages to view at another time.
Table of Contents

Auto import or create interactive tables of content to deep-link to pages or web sites.
FaceBook App

Allow your readers to read your publications on Facebook by adding our app to your page.

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