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Flip-Books-OnlineToday’s blog is aimed at showing you how the simple task of getting your flip book online can have effective results on your monthly revenue. A flip book can display products and services, link with shopping carts or direct links to buy or book a service. Adding interactive elements can really bring a publication to life.

Imagine an unassuming customer opening an email with a link to your products’ flip book and being able to fully engage with your merchandise from the comfort of an office or home computer, a smartphone, tablet, MAC and iOS devices. Keeping your clients informed of what you have to offer them in a marketing friendly manner is key. If they don’t know what you sell, how can they purchase?


We recently worked with a client Tom Hardman, who has a business selling Vintage and Pre-war sport and racing cars. Based in the North of England, Tom has built a strong network of clients both in England and internationally.

Tom’s digital flip book / newsletter is available for you to see below, simply click on the image to launch the publication.


You can see on page 11 and 12 that I have circled in read where Tom has added video and image galleries to further increase the information he can offer the viewer.

We received a review from Tom yesterday:

Great product, with friendly staff. We thought long and hard about buying into this product as we are a relatively small company selling historic road, sports and competition cars, with only 350 or so on our mailing list, but we have big ideas. The feedback from our clients and customers has been overwhelming, and we have already experienced significant sales within weeks of our first issue! One of these sales can be solely attributed to 3D Issue and our showcase videos the car happens to be the most expensive car the company has handled to date.

It is rewarding to hear feedback like this, hopefully it will encourage you to get your flipbook online today.

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By Audrey Henry


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