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We’ve had quite a few questions this week about how 3D Issue can


3D Issue Share Options

integrate with your digital communications strategy and how the software can allow you to get involved in reader social networks.

We blogged about this earlier this year too have a read back for some other useful tips too.

There are three major options built into 3D Issue software the first is the Facebook option, this lets your readers click a menu in the toolbar which opens a post to Facebook page right alongside their 3D Issue. Post to Facebook is a page which when completed by your readers will allow them to add the Publication with a message to their page, which will then be displayed to friends or a selected group if applicable. This offers a really wide Target audience for your publications so if this sounds like what you want to happened encourage readers to post to their wall.

Perhaps integrate some design work into your document to draw attention to the Share button or re-name the button to something you’d prefer – you could call it the Facebook button!

The other key options are Twitter and e-mail, which are also located on the same ‘Share menu’  equally useful, the former opens your Twitter page so readers can cut and paste link into a tweet whilst the second allows for a quick e-mail of a link.

Simple tried and tested means of spreading the word! If you’ve any questions let us know, e-mail info@3dissue.com
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