How to Extract Text from PDF & Re Format for Mobile

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pdf extractionThe transition of people’s content digestion habits to a mobile centric approach has opened up many doors in terms of reaching out to the consumer. This has yielded many opportunities for marketers and publishers alike, marketers have found themselves in a position where they have access to the consumer one on one through their smartphones and tablets. Location based marketing has become an integral tool within the marketers arsenal, publishers and marketers alike can utilize this form of marketing taking advantage of the ability to target consumers with multi-media content based on their location using GPS technology within their smartphones.

The evolution of communication

The evolution of content digestion habits amongst consumers has changed nigh beyond recognition; this is largely due to the advent of the internet and the overwhelming popularity of connected devices such as smartphones and tablets. Suddenly the consumer has the power of the internet in their pockets and handbags ready for use at any time. This fantastic resource and the undoubted advantages it offers the consumer, marketer and publisher has been reflected in the widespread adoption of connected devices to such a point that it is starting to become difficult to remember life before them.

Publishers and marketers have realized the gargantuan potential that this market harbors, never before has the playing field been open to so many on such a grand scale, a quick look at the statistics of smartphone and tablet usage throughout the world alludes to this. The crux of the problem facing many publishers has been the methods to employ in the migration of their content to a mobile friendly platform, it has been well documented that mobile internet usage is expected to pass desktop internet usage this year and one suspects it may have already surpassed it in some areas.

PDF extraction

It’s clear that mobile connected devices have a major role to play in our lives today and the foreseeable future, they are often the first place we turn in our quest for knowledge and information. In today’s world if your content is not mobile compatible it is akin to having a truck load of goods ready for delivery but the truck has no wheels, it really is that vital to the success level of your content. Simply put, your content absolutely must be available through mobile platforms. This won’t be groundbreaking news to most people; the role of connected devices in today’s society is widely accepted to be far reaching and pivotal in many aspects of communication and life in general.

The search for content

With this in mind, publishers have been scrambling to provide the content for this ever expanding market; the consumer is a hungry animal, constantly on the look-out for new, high quality, relevant content. Much like a sports star is only as good as their last game, the same adage can be applied to the supply of content; publishers have to be constantly supplying content of a premium standard, no easy feat. One of the most difficult things to do is continually create compelling content that reaches out to the consumer and creates engagement.

It has long been a bane of the publisher knowing they are sitting on a treasure trove of content in the guise of the their past publications in the knowledge that they couldn’t utilize this content for the mobile market, most publishers, especially those with a history in the printing domain will have an Aladdin’s cave of content that is currently of no use our smartphone and tablet drive world. That is all about to change.

We here at 3D Issue have developed a game changing technology that we are sure will please publishers, marketers and ultimately consumers the world over. Our new technology can transform those PDFs, that up until you would have deemed redundant, into content ready to be released to the online world. This exciting new platform will strip the information from your static PDFs and reformat the data into mobile ready content.

Think about it, the possibilities for the publisher and marketer are endless; imagine all of the content you have locked inside formatted documents, imagine if all that information and content was suddenly made available to you to unleash on the mobile world, imagine the engagement opportunities this would create through minimal effort by you as you would already have the content, content that up until now would have been locked away from the internet arena, only now you have found the key to unlocking it.

The possibilities and advantages of this technology is limited by your imagination only, the doors blocking your content from being readily available to mobile internet users are just about to get blown off their hinges.

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