Releasing 3D Issue Flow – Extract Page from PDF & Re-Format for Varying Screen Dimensions

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pdf extraction The world we live is in driven by content, the content is driven by the internet and the connected devices that we can now avail of to receive and consume said content. The smartphone and table revolution, there is no other way to put it, these devices have infiltrated our lives like no other, has aided in the content distribution, content which the consumer continually yearns for.

Content just doesn’t appear out of thin air, it has to be created, it has to be thought of, it has to have those thoughts implemented into action and created, this all takes time, precious time. The consumer doesn’t care about this though; all the consumer seeks is content, content, content! Content is the one thing the consumer will actively seek, it is how you and/or your business will be found; it is the very lifeblood of the internet.

There is no doubting the importance of premium, relevant content, as I have already mentioned; it is how your business will be found by the consumer, it is your voice among voices online, the quality and the regularity of your content dictates how loud your voice is and how clearly the consumer can hear you. The only downside to this is the actual creation of the content itself; it is a time consuming and sometimes difficult task for publishers to create relevant, dynamic content.

Have there been times you have cast your mind back to all those printed publications now gathering dust in your archives, has there been times you thought of particular content that you created for those publications and wished you had access to them for something current or to simply use them as part of your content marketing strategy?

Think about it, this goes out to publishers in particular but applies to everyone. What if you could access all the content you have stored on PDFs that, at the time were intended for print, what if you could access these PDFs and transform that content in such a way that the content would then be available across devices? Devices that dwell in pockets and handbags across the globe. Devices that people, more often than not, first turn to in the hunt for information and content. The reach of the smartphone and tablet cannot be underestimated; recent statistics have proven how much of a reach they now employ.

PDF extraction

So what if I was to tell you that we at 3D Issue have some news that is about to make your day? What if I was to say that we have some exciting new technology that may just be about to make your life a whole lot easier? What if I was to tell you that this technology could extract information from your old static PDFs and transform it into content that was ready to use across devices? What if I told you that this technology would allow your existing content to live and breathe again except this time it will be available across different screen sizes? Would this make life easier in the constant grind of creating content if you had the key to unlocking your existing content except now it will be available to the mobile world?

Well, that’s what I’m telling you!

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