Create an eReplica of your Brochure to Generate Online Sales

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ereplicaThe glossary of digital publishing terms has spread to include eReplica of late. Perhaps the word has been so easily adopted because people quite simply talk about creating a replica of their printed brochures for online use. This eReplica of a printed brochure, magazine or user guide can be accessed from all devices and determining your audience, this can be beneficial in an increase in sales and leads garnered though this online medium.

To generate online sales:

1. Keep your prospects notified about your new season stock.

2. Showcase your merchandise through digital marketing.

3. Inform your audience, let them know what’s going on in your industry via a newsletter. See how to create a newsletter from your online content here.


4. Create an eBrochure or digital catalog.

5. Take the marketing of your products into your own hands, many retailers are taking the reigns currently and are liking the results.

6. From the PDF of your printed brochure, simply import into digital publishing software and output for all devices. Reaching a new digital audience through email, social networking platforms and your website.

7. In your eReplica of your printed brochure you will have many interactive options that a print copy can’t deliver. You can add video and audio, have links to more information and the retailer’s websites.

8. Make the path to buy as simply as possible for the online visitor.

9. In digital publishing software there is a shopping cart feature allowing your prospects to buy directly from your eBrochure.

10. Your eReplica can showcase many image galleries to further show detailed photo and product images.

Real estate brochures, especially avail of this feature to show the many rooms in a property they show on a page, you simply click the image gallery icon and lots more images become available for you to scroll through. See how to build an image gallery in this blog.

Please see an example of this by clicking on he image below.

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By Audrey Henry


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