Philadelphia Newspapers to give away Android Tablets with Subs

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Newspaper give away digital edition and tablets

The Philadelphia news network which is comprised of the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Post is to provide Android Tablets along with subscriptions to its hard copy edition, so you get a Paper the Tablet and an eBook version of the newspaper too, sound like a deal?

The tablets will have 4 pre-installed apps which provide a link directly to the digital editions of the newspaper and also a link to website

Amazon have been offering their much loved Kindle backed by advertising at a knocked down price by offering readers on a budget the Kindle at the bargain price of $111 This idea from the Philly newspaper group is from the same vein. The early idea touted that the major newspapers will soon be offering free devices may come true soon as the on-going demise of the hard copy newspaper continues.

This story was first reported here in the Sacramento Bee today.

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