How to Embed RSS Magazine to your Website

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embed rssCreating a dynamic and responsive magazine is so easy to do with RSS feeds.  Here is our 5 step guide to creating an RSS magazine.

1.        Identify your RSS feed

The first thing that you need to do is to find the location of your RSS feed on your website.  Most website that are built using Content Management Systems (CMS) will automatically have an RSS feed automatically created.  If you do not know the location of your RSS feed, then sign into 3D Issue Hubs and enter in the name of your domain.  For example “”, hit return and Hubs will look for the RSS feed that is associated with that domain. If the RSS feed is not configured correctly, try just entering the name of your site  “3dissue” and our search engine will crawl the site and see if an RSS feed exists .

2.       Ensure that your RSS feed has been maximised

Most RSS feeds only hold 10 articles.  As a new article is added the tenth article is dropped from the list. This means that your publication will only ever have 10 articles posted to it. so what you want to do is to ensure that you can add as many articles as possible. At 3D issue, our RSS feed is set to hold up to 50 articles at a time. To change the default settings you will need to login to your CMS and  change the default  from 10 to 50 or whatever number  you wish.  For example in WordPress CMS, you would login to the admin area, click on “settings / reading” and then change “Syndication feeds show the most recent” to 50.

3.       Build your RSS Magazine

Remember with Hubs, you can add as many RSS feeds as you want.  There are also other content sources that you can add. You can add content by insert a list of individual article URLs or even add content via authorized email addresses.
Once you have added all of your sources, Click next.

4.       Customise your RSS Magazine

Now 3D Issue Hubs will collect your articles and create a sample for you to preview.  In this next window you will be able to customize the magazine to suit your brand. You will be able to add logos, change color schemes and edit or remove articles. You will also be able to preview your RSS magazine to see how they will appear on different devices.

5.       Publish your magazine

Once you have finished customizing your RSS magazine you will be able to publish your digital edition.  You will be provided with a URL at which your magazine can be viewed. This magazine will be hosted on but if you will also be able to embed the magazine on your site you will also see the embed code section.  Simply copy and paste this code onto your webpage on your own site and the digital edition will instantly appear as part of your own site.

By Paul Mc Nulty


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