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email newsletter designEmail newsletter design is in itself an art form, contrary to claims to the opposite, Email newsletters are still one of the most effective and cost savvy ways of reaching your clients on a regular basis.

How many times have you been impressed by a certain site or service, and then you have that decision to make, do you hit that subscribe button or move on? Say for talking sake you hit subscribe, I for one have done this many times when something has caught my eye and I want to see more but down the line (and many a jammed inbox later), you decide that the newsletter wasn’t what you were expecting or you haven’t even opened the last few you received and they ended up in the bin.

When assembled correctly, email newsletters can be a thing to be savored, something you look forward to receiving, incorrectly assembled and packaged and they end up suffering the fate as mentioned in the last paragraph!

So how do you avoid your e-mail newsletter being deleted like the majority of the others?

Know your audience

The people who have subscribed to your Email newsletter are the ones who should be on your mind when you are deciding what content is going to be included, before you think about anything to do with the design of the newsletter, you should be asking yourself -what are their interests, what is it we want to share with them?

Your brand – be instantly recognizable

The primary objective is that at first glance, your newsletter should reflect your brand instantly, you want any rapport you have built with clients to be instantly recognizable.

The importance of good content and sharp headlines within your newsletter

Your content and specifically the headlines should be tailored to catch the intended’s attention, you have a very small window of opportunity where you will have the client’s interest, use this time wisely by ensuring that your great content is matched by an equally interesting headline to maximize the open rate of your newsletter.

Images and content

By default, most email programs are set to block images at first until your address is added to the safe list of e-mail addresses of the individual account, keep this in mind when it comes to the design of your e-mail newsletter, the striking yellow text laid over that lovely brown shaded image that looked so good when initially designed may lose its impact somewhat when shown over a white background, all because your image didn’t load.

An easy way around this is by using such publications as Hubs within your e-mail newsletter design; you can provide a link to the Hubs publication that can contain all your blogs, information and images in one easy to access location.

This also allows you to concentrate on keeping your initial email simple and to the point, highlighting the main features you want to emphasize without drowning the mail in content and information and ultimately disenchanting the customer from reading any further.

Using analytics with your newsletter

By using analytic tools such as the ones built into Hubs, you have a better idea of what is working, which mails are being opened, how long is being spent on particular articles, which areas are of the most interest to individual readers.

This allows you to custom tailor your newsletters to individual consumers, allowing you to really zone in on what is meaningful to them and by design create more interest for the consumer and more opportunities for the future for both parties.

Social media

As previously spoken of in these blogs, Social media has such a following, whether that is Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon or one of the many other mediums available to us as consumers. It can’t be emphasized enough how important these mediums are when it comes to promoting your business and in direct relation, your newsletters. The relevance of social media in today’s digitized world of content cannot be emphasized enough.

Mobile usage
Digestion of content through the use of mobile phones Is another topic that has been covered in these blogs before, and with good reason, mobile usage and in particular, the digestion of content through mobile, is growing at such a rate that to fail to cater for this huge and ever increasing market is as good as leaving your head on the chopping block.

There is no two ways about it, mobile usage is only going to continue to grow, and as such, is a market that can be overlooked at your peril. Responsive content that can be viewed across any device, such as the responsive layout capabilities provided in Hubs, is an integral mechanism within this colossal marketplace.

The key factor of good e-mail newsletter design is building a relationship of trust with the intended recipients of the e-mail newsletter. They have to know that you are not just pulling together everything available to you and putting it into a newsletter and sending it to them, the consumer has to be able to initially see, and eventually trust, the relevance and content within your newsletter for it to stand out from the crowd.

Achieve this and you have a great chance of reaching your client base and not the bottom of the recycle bin!

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By Charlie Gallagher


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