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3d ipad appsThe technology behind the eReader market is an interesting one (no pun intended) the company responsible are keen to slowly drip feed new technology at a steady pace to device manufactures bit by bit and the latest news is a great step forward as it appears that the e-Book reader market is to really take it to the tablets with the introduction of color eink coming soon.

This technology is not to be confused with that on the Kindle Fire and Nook Color as tested in this review. This ink will be like regular old Kindle but in color – no glossy screen.

This Blog has mentioned in the past that the iPad with its superior yet high gloss screen was at a distinct dis-advantage in comparison to the gray scale of the Kindle et. Al, the iPad was too bright and when darkened too dark – it was not as well suited to the use as the dedicated eReader devices.

The new devices with colour will bring the ebook home, magazines may continue to do well on the high gloss screen of the tablets – as the paper they are printed on tend to be high gloss anyway?

This technology had been predicted by some sources as coming to market this time last year. It may have been the case that at that time the market was not mature enough for this release or it may not have been ready.

The only problem we can forsee is that the devices are to be prices in iPad pricing territory just shy of $500 for a “pre-holidays price” –ouch!

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