Create Educational Audio-books for your Class in Minutes

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Audio BookAudio-books can be a welcome addition to every classroom. Many students are avid readers while others are struggling to become readers and still others have given up hope. Audio-books have something to offer all of them. Many audio-books are read by the author or include commentary by the author.

Using 3D issue software you can create your own audio-books or, better still, have the children write their own stories and then have them read their stories for inclusion with the book in a class story book.

1. Capture the children’s writing or the content for the book in a pdf format. There are many ways to do this. If the material is written in MS Word then Save As a pdf file. Otherwise scan the children’s writing and save the scanned images of their writing in A4 format as a pdf file.

2. Capture the voice over files for each page of the book you plan to create and save them as MP3 files. There are lots of software solutions for capturing recordings, many of them free to download from the internet.

3. Download and install 3D Issue software – fully functional 14 day trial now available.

4. Create New Issue by opening the pdf document containing the content for the book.

how to create audiobooks for use in education

5. When the pdf book opens within the software simply select the Audio Settings Option in the Design tab where you will find options to set a sound for page turning or select a background audio such as a music file to play in the background throughout the entire book.

 6. To set up audio files against each page, select the Audio Book option and choose to Enable this function.

7. This presents the Audio Book settings window for you in which, on a page by page basis you can select the Play Audio and browse for your mps file by selecting the browse icon

 3dissue educational audiobooks

8. This must be repeated on a page by page basis until each page has an associated mp3 file. Note that the page will automatically turn over when the audio file completes playing.

9. To preview your work simply click the save button and then on the red preview button at the top of the screen.

10. Happy with your work? Go to the Output Tab and select formats, you will need HTML5 to view on tablets and mobiles. Select the native apps if you want to make it available on iTunes or Google Play, perhaps as a fundraiser for the school. Enter your FTP information if you are uploading to your own site. If not, click build and you will see your newly created audio-book.

By Linda Daly


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