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3D Issue feature tipsAs many 3D Issue customers will know 3D Issue Professional and Enterprise software has some neat features which allow your readership to interact with the publication. The interaction level depends on what has been added to the publication and varies from media e.g. movies and audio to Notes, Comments and bookmarks.

This blog post shall look at the idea of e-Book creation and utilizing the Notes, Comments and Bookmarks e-mail function to full potential.

So what does the e-mail function from these features allow?

The e-mail function included with these features allows readers to send e-mail directly from the 3D Issue digital publication, so they can share their notes, comments, and bookmarks.

Alongside the three options mentioned above there is also the sharing option which is only available in the Professional and Enterprise versions. The sharing option allows readers to share via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and Google+

So with all this sharing of information from your digital edition is’nt it important to define what exactly is being sent? And thankfully you can.

To set the e-mail option click on the Design Tab and under ‘advanced’ at the bottom of the menu there is an option to edit the e-mails which are derived out of each of your publications Flash and HTML5. The e-mail is based around a form which is completed by the reader. It would be advisable to edit these e-mails on a per publication basis – why?

1. If a reader leaves you a comment wouldn’t it be useful to know which publication that comment has come from? consider adding “June Edition” to the text for example so when you get feedback it may be quickly identified – which edition of your publication it came from.
2. If a reader sends a link to a friend via the sharing option this is an opportunity to add a short tag line or a mention of special offers maybe. Sharing is a great way to create new followers, so snappy copy in this space could bring in new readers.
3. The same applies to bookmarks and notes if a reader has created a bookmark or note and wants to share with someone else or themselves a small identification of where the e-mail has come from will make it more useful – remember readers might not open the e-mail to themselves right away so a quick edit by the creator in advance will assist the reader.

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