The e-Brochure; Vital in Your Online Marketing Plan‏

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ebrochure-vital-in-your-online-marketingWhich tools can be used to reach the target audience more effectively?

Digital publishing provides you with a wide range of highly effective tools; one of them is the e-brochure – a vital component in your online marketing plan!

When creating your e-brochure, take into account the following points:

– User experience must be at the heart of your e-brochure: Make the most of the rich media features available in digital publishing and add videos, audio clips, flash animations, and web/e-mail links to provide your end readers with a unique digital experience. For more information, check out this blog post entitled ‘Create an interactive digital magazine: Tips on rich media features to enhance your e-magazine

See an eBrochure in action by clicking on the bridal image below:


– Evaluate the performance of your e-brochure: Making positive changes is one of the key elements in the successful implementation of your online marketing, as a result; focus on establishing tactics to assess the impact of your e-brochure by:

• Getting feedback from your end readers

• Tracking your e-brochure performance via Analytics

Advertise in your e-brochure

Add shopping carts to increase sales directly from your e-brochure

– Integrate all the tools used in your online marketing: As your e-brochure is a component of your marketing plan, ensure that all the other components used in your online strategy complement each other. Your digital publications should be a projection of your company and all the tools used should communicate the same message to the end readers.


With 3D Issue you can personalize your e-brochure by customizing the background, using your logo or text, colors or brand. In this way, allowing the creation of an e-brochure, which is a part of your overall online marketing plan. Become familiar with each of the steps involved in the creation of an e-brochure by attending a demonstration and let us know about your particular digital publishing needs at

By Audrey Henry


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