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eBrochure-SoftwareUsing eBrochure software is a key strategy for reaching a customer base and promoting online sales. The software can easily be installed on a PC, Mac or laptop. You don’t need to be in any way an IT expert to give it a whirl. We find most of our customers embrace the experience, while others delegate the task to their marketing or design teams.

We have blogged in the past about how to create a digital brochure and we have shared step by step guides, so hopefully you are familiar with those, of course you can revisit them if you need a refresh.

If you have not already created a digital version of your brochure now is the time to do so. The accessibility of an online brochure can simply reach global extremes on any device; from large screen computers, to small hand held smartphones, and all the tablets and eReaders in between. With updates in devices and platforms constantly moving forward eBrochure software is set to evolve further into 2015, with exciting new technologies. Get on the bandwagon now, get your customer base used to seeing your products showcased this way. They already are shopping online, so ensuring your merchandise is available to them in this way is a winning tactic.

Adding eCommerce to your eBrochure is available through a shopping cart feature in the eBrochure software. Web Linking to sales information, special offers and discounts are other marketing tips that can be added to the eBrochure.

You can improve your customers’ browsing experience with multimedia interaction, like video, audio and image galleries which are great resources for displaying and communicating further product information.

You can gain in depth knowledge of how your readers interact with your content through the custom analytics that eBrochure software contains.. Analyze the data, see which elements are generating the most revenue and adapt measures for continued growth into the design and creation of the future eBrochures.

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By Audrey Henry


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