eBook Maker Software Enables You to Convert Your Book Easily

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eBook-makerEmpower yourself with the ability to create your own eBooks. By installing an eBook maker software on your PC, Mac or laptop you can become a publisher in minutes. Whether you are a self-publisher, editor, marketer or journalist the advantages of being able to create your own eBooks from the comfort of your own computer are vast.

In just 4 easy stages you can make an eBook:

1. Import your PDfs or Word Documents into the eBook software. Once in the software you have the option to manually add text also.

2. Amend text and images. Edit titles and page numbers tags that may have been in your original files.

3. Add interactivity; you can use the features that come with the eBook software such as adding audio, video, web links and so on…

4. Output them as reflowable ePub3 and kindle formats.

Other features are available in the software:

Apps: You can create publications that can be distributed to mobile and tablet via native eReader apps.

Audio books: You can create an audio book, children’s publishers and the hearing impaired audience, and educational publications especially partake of this feature. You can assign audio clips to paragraphs with media overlay tools.
Eplis Library use 3D Issue software to create their audio books.
Go on a adventure with Arthur by clicking on the double page spread image below to open the audio book. Then simply roll over the text area for the narrator to start reading the story to you….


We hope you enjoyed the story and we wish you happy publishing.

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By Audrey Henry


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