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3D Issue3D Issue has had many new features added in the last 12 months. Now 3D issue software is not only available in English language but can be translated into a number of languages for both you as the creator and the end readers.

1. For the 3D Issue user (Creating the Digital Magazines)
The 3D Issue software that converts your pdfs into page-turning, digital editions can be set as English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Korean and Chinese. This language selector feature can be seen in both the trial version and full version of 3D Issue.

To change the language:

– Launch 3D Issue
– From the top toolbar select ‘Options’
– From the Options list select ‘Language’
– Select your language.

3D Issue software

You will then see the entire software in your preferred language.

2. For the end reader
You can also change the language for all the options, roll-over text, menu buttons etc.. for your end readers. To use this feature:

– In the software, select options from the top tool bar
– Select ‘translations’ you will see this menu appear:

3D Issue software


You will see you can add a new language on the right of this window. Then in the main body of this window you will see two columns. The column on the left is the original text displayed and on the right column you can click into this text field and change the word for your translated version.

You can create as many language profiles as you like, and you could then build multiple versions of the digital magazine for the multiple languages. If you have a publication available in multiple languages then why not use the ‘archive’ feature to display a library of the different versions so your readers can select the language that suits them.

For more information take a look at these articles which can help you get set up:

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