Evaluate Your eBook Distribution From the Start of Each Project

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ebook-distributionUndoubtedly an especially important topic for self-publishers is the delivery of their eBook. How their novel will be distributed not only affects them from a monetary aspect; it is largely a time issue also. Techniques of creating ebooks should incorporate an intention of distribution with an end result in mind from the get go.

Knowing which devices your readers are likely to read your work on is not a guessing game, base your objectives on facts and statistics. Educate yourself on this, finding these metrics online is simple and this knowledge can equip you with a brief you need to meet. Meeting these device specifications in your eBook output will help your audience grow and you’re eBook distribution spread.

According to research by Pew Research Centre over half of American adults now own either a tablet or an e-reader. It’s true that e-book reading devices are spreading through the population at a steady rate. E-reader devices like kindle and nook are becoming common accessories for the casual to the avid reader. Lovers of the printed book have even been and still are being converted slowly, the convenience being too good to resist.


Formats to consider when distributing your eBook
There are two main file types used by the major devices on the market, namely .epub and .mobi. For instance, if you wanted to publish your book to the Amazon Kindle you would have to ensure it was in the .mobi format, if it was for use with the Apple iPad it would have to be .epub compatible and so on. HTML 5 is another format which is an essential part of the eBook sphere with the widespread adoption of tablet and smartphone content consumption.

The main message of today’s blog is to consider your eBook distribution at the creation stage, knowing which software to use that will output the formats you need is paramount.

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By Audrey Henry


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