e-ink screens and the overpriced eBooks out there

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some digital publishing news Reports on e-ink screens are that there are increases due in orders for the future with manufacturers so far tripling the order each year according to recent information from the  Emerging Display Technologies conference in San Jose, CA

e-ink is the technology which the eBook readers use for their beloved non-reflective screen, so the Kindle and Nook all use the same technology in difference devices from the same company, Gorrilla Glass is the creator of the screen on the iPad which apparently Samsung use on their Galaxy Tabs and Phones too.

Sales for eBook readers last year hit 114 Million, whilst the total sale of books was 603 Million, of course the readers will handle more than one book, and such is the point.

Interesting to note in this article also is that there are currently books on the Amazon books store which sell for more in eBook format that in hard copy which could well be reversed as it is known that economically the market will settle where the consumer is comfortable with the price they associate with the product and eBook readers are a very cheap way to distribute. They mention books including Laura Hillenbrand’s book, “Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption,” and Jaycee Dugard’s autobiography, “A Stolen Life,” as examples.

In other news an 8th ‘self-pubber’ has reached the golden 1 Million eBook sales in John Locke.

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