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selling ebook publicationsThere are many many opportunities for  an author to sell their creation on-line, likewise for publishers. The major providers include the obvious like Amazon and others too such as O’Reilly media these platforms provide a reach into markets due to profile and the size of library on offer – at a price of course.

There are reasons why it can be a good idea to host your publications and to sell via your website directly.

Your Content – your sale

The top reason is that you create and host the publications yourself on your
website so you do not have to pay any of the revenue generated to Amazon.


There are no ongoing fees or administrative issues to work around if you
want to remove a book you can take it off the site and likewise if you want to add one you simply add the book.


There are no surprises for your future revenue, software solutions like 3D Issue have a clear policy on the software there are no ongoing fees whatsoever you can purchase and use forever for no future costs ( and we do release paid upgrades from time to time!) – Amazon will not promise this of their store their policy could well change as time goes by.


Selling via your own site is better as there is less competition if you can drive traffic to your site for purchasing it is less distracting for the customer as only your content is available for sale, whilst in the major ebook stores there is huge competition for attention so potentially less chance of a purchase!

Number 1 in a Niche is a nice place to be
The rise in popularity for niche publications which has been spurred on by the ebook rise in popularity of late means that if your content is very specific to your readers they will be able to find you anyway and purhchase via your site this in turn is more engaging for your followers and generates more revenue. You can of course do both if you want and see which you prefer 3D Issue is still useful even if you do want to add books to Amazon as it creates the file you need.

PS DYK that Amazon charge customers based on the KB size of the download too? so for the author with a larger manuscript their profits can be eaten away for data charges!

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