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Digital publishing

A time not so long ago sales people used to tell the consumer what it was they wanted and why they wanted it, times have changed. Readily available information, mainly through the online domain has led to a cultural shift within the relationship between sales, marketing and the consumer, this transformation has been fuelled by social, mobile and content technologies. The consumer is now in a position where the majority of information they require is no more than a search and a click away. The consumer now holds all the aces; it is up to you as the business to attract and engage the consumer through the content you provide, said content not only has to be relevant and informative but due to the overwhelming adoption rates of smartphones and tablets, your content has to be available across devices. Simply put, marketing your content through digital publishing is as essential as the quality and relevance of the content itself.

The art of communication

Content marketing is now widely recognized as the main method of reaching out to the consumer, the fact the 95% of marketers are now using this technique only further reaffirms this. Content marketing itself is the art of communicating with the consumer without actually selling or promoting the product but rather informing and educating. You, as a business have to take stock about what it is that differentiates you from the competition, ask yourself, what information can I provide that will truly help the consumer? By doing this you are creating content that the consumer will seek, you will be producing content that they will wish to digest and in doing so you are opening up the doors of communication and will start to establish yourself as a go to point for information, a source which the consumer can trust.


Content that is available anywhere, at any time

All companies have content they wish and need to promote but with the ever increasing number of devices and platforms this entails it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage a strategy that ensures your content will reach all platforms, be available on all devices. It is due to this factor that responsive technologies have become an important facet of businesses mobile content strategies. Some would even say it has become imperative. No one is saying that content creation is easy, it’s not, content marketing brings with its own unique challenges but nothing that can be termed insurmountable, marketing automation is just one such approach which can offer a helping hand.

Think of it this way, you might have the best content in the world but without the proper means to deliver that content to the consumer, a means that will be available through whatever device the consumer chooses to view it on, then you ruin the very real risk of losing out to competitors who have adapted this approach. Today’s world is one which is digitally driven and as such any approach must be tailored specifically to thrive in this environment. You simply must have a variety of digital distribution channels available to you and working for you at all times.

Content marketing has gained substantial traction in a short period of time; this rapid rate of adoption speaks for itself, the approach works. Content marketing requires a plan and is a technique which is geared towards long term value for the consumer and business alike. Content marketing will undoubtedly continue to grow in the weeks, months and years ahead and if it is not already, will form the core of every successful company’s strategy. The delivery of said content through digital publishing will prove to be just as vital.



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