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ebook-pdf-converter-device-readerThere are a few trends emerging in the digital publishing device arena at present as the eReaders “2.0” take stage – it is all really taking shape now that the Kindle Fire has been announced, not too shabby is the response from Kobo which will be the Vox.

The line between tablet and eReader is getting thinner surely?

The Vox will be available sooner than the Kindle Fire and will be similarly priced at $199 the Canadian company Kobo are keen to cause upset with their release date, though the announcement didn’t cause the same stir amongst the media like the recent announcement of the Kindle Fire did which we reported on in this very publication earlier this month.

The digital publishing world article indicated that the key trends in the market right now are.

1. Color screen is vital

2. International access – (Vox will launch in the US and Canada at the same time)

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3. Social media integration

4. Media integration with eBooks and EPUB3.0

The original article as posted on Digital publishing world is worth a look.
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