Digital Publications – Part 2 Beginners guide to what devices view which formats?

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digital publications devices formatsFollowing on from part 1 of our beginners guide, here is our next instalment. This post goes through the different devices you may wish to consider publishing your digital content too, and which formats are used on these devices.

What Devices require which formats?
The tablet category contains the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy. These devices have web browsers (for example Safari on the iPad) so readers can view digital magazines via the browser. The consideration to be aware of here though is that Apple will not run flash on these devices so be sure that your online browser viewed publication is built using a solution that creates a HTML5 output.

These devices often have Apps that can view eReader formats (.epub and .mobi) For example the iBooks App can read epub files and these can be viewed offline. Check out this article that explains in more detail how to get PDF to epub to be viewed in iBooks.

Mobile Devices
This category of devices is treated very similarly to the Tablet section above. Devices such as iPhones and Android phones also have a web browser, so as above these devices can view online magazines. Again, consideration needs to be made as Apple iPhone like the iPad cannot view flash – so the HTML5 digital magazine would be the best option here.

Again, like the Tablet category, these mobile devices often have eReader Apps such as iBooks, so eReader (.ebub) files can be viewed in iBooks.

Desktops, Laptops, Macs/PCs, Netbooks
This category would view digital magazines via a web browser. Most web browsers run both HTML5 and Flash too so online magazines created in this way can be viewed on these devices.

eReaders such as the Amazon Kindle, Sony eReader and eReader Apps such as iBooks on the iPad require eReader format publications. So these publications would be either .Mobi (for Kindle) or .ePub for other eReaders. These files can be downloaded to the eReader device via an online store such as Amazon or simply by supplying the file to your readers directly.

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