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Marketing insightsWe’re always looking out for hints, tips and resources that can
help our customers make the most of their digital marketing and particularly how their digital brochures, marketing material and magazines can perform even better.

This week there have been a few interesting insights that we thought we’d share with you.

The guys at hubspot have published some great insights and statistics in their 101 Marketing Charts and Graphs [Data]. Here we highlight some of this information that could help you along the way…

Pay attention to click through text
There are numerous ways in which our customers get traffic to their online digital editions, as well as sharing links on social networks to drive traffic; buttons or text links within the website are often the route visitors take to view the online edition. Have you ever thought about the words used in the link or button? According to the graph below this can have a major impact on the number of people clicking through – ‘Click Here’ has a click through rate of just over 30% whereas ‘Download’ has a click through rate of just 10%.

clicks by button text

publishing a magazine

Emailing your reader base? – When to hit ‘send’
So you have great content, a loyal reader base, so when is the best time to get your publication read and shared? Hubspot say – mornings. Looking at the graphs below the views by hour of the day shows a significant spike at 10am. The links shared by hour also showed that mornings are the key time – particularly around 10am. Marketers should particularly take note of this type of information if customers/readers are not from one geographical area or time zone, so segmenting the mailing list into smaller lists where recipients are in the same area could help.

links by hour views by hour

How to get retweeted
Social networks are so powerful in reaching a massive audience and equipping your target market and customers to help you with your marketing. Twitter’s retweets have demonstrated how people love to share good content and information. Take a look at this Twitter 2010 year in review at the most retweeted posts.

The graphs below again come from the guys at hubspot which show their research of the most  re-tweetable words and the least viewed words – their advice ‘stay away from technical terms’.

retweetable words least viewed

Any other tips you have found have received great results, please feel free to share.

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