Digital news curation is about to reach a tipping point

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digital-news-curation“Et Tu FaceBook?”,  a new competitor has thrown its hat into the news curation market to take a stab at the fall Google Reader.  FaceBook are to announce a new product on June 20th to be presented by no other than the man himself, Mark Zuckerberg.   To be honest I am surprised it took them this long.  FaceBook are the perfect platform for curated news.  Not only would they have the technology for collecting and presenting the news but they also have a vast amount of data on the individual readers and can therefore very easily curate the type of news that is presented around each individual readers taste, likes, career or social network.

Every market has a tipping point, an innovation or product  that moves the market demand from the early adapters to the mass market.  Or have an new innovation that is so revolutionary that it completely changes peoples’ behaviour.  As a digital publisher, I recall the day that the iPad was announced. The market went completely quiet that day as everyone digested the impact that this product would have on their market. The following day we were inundated with requests for iPad apps even though they didn’t have the devices themselves. I had to fly to San Francisco to buy an iPad as they were not to be released in Ireland for several months.


FaceBook’s product could be a similar type of catalyst for personalized news.  Once it hits mainstream you will have to conform your content to suit. FaceBook have that pull. With over 1 billion active monthly users , they have the persuasive power to completely integrate digital news curation as the defacto standard for media consumption.  In a short period of time you will see everyone expecting personalized news curation.  This type of news consumption will also allow FaceBook to explore new and more profitable forms of advertising, rather than drowning their pages with small image ads which remind me alot of Yahoo directory banner ads before Google Search rewrote the standard in advertising.  FaceBook will be able to integrate beautiful print styled full page advertising.

FaceBook could pose a serious threat to other news curation eco-systems, platforms that can customise and personalise your news but only from within their apps. Companies such as FlipBoard, Zite and Pulse will be watching this news release carefully. I for one am looking forward to this announcement I think it will only serve to push the importance of news curation and personalisation in your digital content marketing strategy and 3D Issue Hubs offers solutions to publishers to cater to this new defacto standard.

By Paul Mc Nulty


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