The Role of Digital Media in the Future of Publishing

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Digital-media-in-the-futureDigital media is the future, and the rest of the channels will more than likely become obsolete. This may sound like a bold statement. But think about it, it’s not that far-fetched.
User behavior is changing as a result of a generation switch, and companies are continually improving their marketing strategy, emphasizing users’ role.

Marketing is taking a turn from outbound to inbound, and digital media is the perfect channel to make this transition smoother.

Early skepticism
Just before the new millennium started many were the number of professionals in the publishing industry that were skeptical about the term “digital media”.

The main reason for this was the lack of confidence in the ability of this new communication channel to create a stable revenue stream.

In a time when smartphones weren’t invented yet, and the number of internet magazine readers was well under 10%, this wasn’t something unexpected.

Endless revenue possibilities
The only problem was that pundits hadn’t predicted the power of digital media and its user orientated nature.

Since then a lot has changed, subscribers and ads are the two largest sources of income in the digital world, but the amount of valuable content produced on daily basis “just” to grab the attention of the “potential subscriber” is something that shouldn’t be ignored.

It’s true that the amount of available information has skyrocketed since the Internet became the go-to source for news and noteworthy opinions, but it is also true that this opened the playground for companies to create and test new marketing strategies as well.

Just imagine how different your digital marketing strategy would look like back in 2005 where there were no social media channels.

The role of new generations
Today desktop and mobile represent the two leading publishing platforms (43.2% market share) with TV standing as the only real competitor (35.2% market share).

The unique media habits of Millennials and Generation-Z are the ones to blame for this new situation. Representing 45% of the total world population these two are the first digital native generations.

Around 80% of those who belong to this particular demographic group check their cell phone first thing in the morning. Having this in mind, it isn’t hard to imagine how digital media will own more than 80% of the publishing market in the future.

Digital media in the future is all about native advertising
With the assumption that the digital media publishing channels will take around 80% of the market in the future, we can’t ignore the fact that advertising will experience some changes as well.

Native advertising is evolving alongside the whole digital ecosystem, so it’s safe to assume it will develop into a primary revenue stream for digital publishers.

It will come a day when digital media blends with digital advertisement and user engagement in a single eco-system bringing benefits to everyone.

Digital media has the power to bring us a world where users don’t think of ads as an annoying part of their online experience, but as something they get added value from instead by letting them access the information they’re interested in.

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