Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015

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Digital-Marketing-PredictionsAs we are nearing the end of an eventful 2014 digital marketers are now preparing for the year ahead by scrutinizing the new trends that are due to emerge. They are getting ready for new platforms and technology not only for audiences to source content but also to create content with.

1. Mobile:

Mobile has had a immense effect on the digital marketing industry. I believe we’re going to see a colossal increase in 2015 and in future years. Be prepared for this; if your web content is not already responsive, it is time to make sure it is. You can do this easily by using Hubs to collate all your online content, from your blogs, rss feeds, video channels, social networks to your slideshares, add the links to these sources to your Hub, once in the Hub all content becomes responsive and auto-updates. Hey presto, in minutes your content can be ready for the current digital marketplace.

A influencer’s opinion to note — Russell Glass, Head of Products, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. “I predict that B2B marketers will see their audiences cross over to “mobile first” for the first time in 2015 where greater than 50% of their marketing content will be consumed on mobile or tablet device.”


2. Wearable Technology:

The Apple watch is due to be launched in early 2015. This iPhone compatible watch will mean you can check messages and updates from your wrist. Perfect for those of us that like to constantly check notifications. Digital marketers are gearing up for smaller screens and a more personable promotional experience.

3. Marketing based on Data:

Conversion optimization of design, content, advertising and social media going to be huge in 2015. Innovative tracking systems and predictive analytics will be the focus of new digital marketing campaigns.

4. Self Marketing:

Everyone can become their own brand publisher and marketer. Download software to create digital publications and you can have worthwhile content to share socially, on your website and in your all important email campaigns.

By Audrey Henry


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