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I think it is a fair assessment to say that the internet has transformed the way that the majority of us send, receive and digest content. The internet, coupled with the devices, devices whose technological capabilities increase on seemingly a daily basis, has endowed us with a resource that is undeniably one of the greatest resources of information we have ever known. This arena is so vast that it can be a daunting task trying to navigate this, the most colossal of information sources.

And herein lies the problem.

Actually problem is too strong a word; slight obstacle would be a better way to phrase it. On average, companies use 13 different online platforms to promote and engage with their readers but don’t have a single location where their audience can access that content. If you put yourself in the shoes of the consumer that is a lot of portals to be navigated and digested, it is both unreasonable and unrealistic to expect the consumer to spend their precious time locating all these different portals and then spend further time reading and viewing the content these portals contain.

This has long been recognized as an Achilles heel of the internet, the sheer volume of content available is the crux of the matter, it is for this reason we have witnessed a rise in digital marketing hubs being utilized by companies and businesses worldwide. This use of hubs by companies, hubs that are integrated into their own websites and can be located by visiting one location as opposed to many has proven a successful and welcome addition to the content digestion arena for consumers and companies alike.


This approach is not only welcome by the consumer as it saves them time and aids them in their quest for the content that pertains to their interests, but also to the companies themselves. The companies can take advantage of the traffic that the digital marketing hubs that are integrated into their sites will bring, instead of the consumer visiting external sites for the company’s content the consumer can digest it in one easy to locate site.

In today’s blog we will look at some of our favorite digital marketing hubs and in the process give you an idea of the value they can bring to you in terms of your content location and digestion.


• Perhaps a little light on interactive features and a general lack of feeds to the hub but overall a decent effort by Dell.

Cisco Hub

• The Cisco hub is particularly strong in content such as blogs and social media, easy to follow conversations and engagement opportunities abound on this classy hub

H & M

blog h&m
• Great effort by H & M, content filters are available (you can choose whether to view content by H & M or the community only or both) as well. Hovering over content reveals extra information. Social integration is particularly strong in this great example.

National Nuclear Security Administration

• A content rich hub featuring all the latest updates from the 4 major social networks, a simple yet effective page.

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