It’s not just digital ‘magazines’ you can create..

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create other publicationsWe’ve realised that the term ‘digital magazine’ is used fairly frequently when digital publishing software such as 3D Issue is concerned. But don’t think it’s just magazines that can be turned into digital versions using the software….you could try some of these publications to give them a whole new, interactive look and feel, as well as reaching a wider online audience across tablets, mobiles and desktop users…

1. Newsletter (Customer or Company)
By converting this newsletter into a digital edition you can drive traffic to your site to view the online digital newsletter. This newsletter can contain multimedia that makes the newsletter more engaging to your audience as well as the added benefit that the reader analytics can be tracked and analysed to see how effective the newsletter was.

2. Case Studies Collection
Consider collating case studies and testimonials to create a unique testimonial publication, giving your clients the information they require in a professional, accessible format. If your customers fall into different sectors then create a unique testimonial digital edition for each sector. As you can upload multiple or single pdfs into 3D Issue to convert – collating these brochures can be a quick process.

3. Presentations
Tired of PowerPoint? Stand out by converting your presentations into digital format. You can simply save your PowerPoint presentation as a pdf, upload to the 3D Issue software and add your interactivity. Your digital presentations will have the page turning effect, can include videos, audio and hyperlinks and be viewed online so a customer can view at a personalised url address (by calling the file by the customer name for example) at a time that suits them.

4. Sales proposal documents
Sales proposals as a digital edition can transform the static pdf proposals into an edition that can include multimedia videos and links to further related information such as associated product brochures and customer case studies.

5. Company or Product Brochures
Sending out hard copy brochures via the post can be both time consuming and costly. If your brochure is in PDF format then converting it through 3D Issue will allow you to email your clients a link to view a digital version in minutes of their enquiry.

…and if that isn’t enough, you could try these too!

– Training document
– Event guide
– Whitepaper
– eBook
– Marketing document
– Company annual report
– Report

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