What makes your digital magazine readers tick?

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digital magazine readersWhen working on your digital magazines you want to write, design and publish the best publications possible, editions that your readers will find interesting and therefore keep coming back to your site or digital publication for more. So you want to keep your readers happy right? How can you ensure you are giving your readers what they want and how can you keep track of their content preferences?

Getting set up with Google Anlalytics for your digital publications
3D Issue software comes with the ability to gather tracking and analytics on how your readers are interacting with your digital publications. Make sure you set some time aside to look at the results of how these digital publications are performing. Look at trends and identify articles, pages and features that gather the most interest.

Survey your readers
If you want to know what your readers think – ask them. PollDaddy is a web based tool that allows you to get direct suggestions and opinions from your readers. You can get set up for free on the basic package which allows you to collect 100 survey responses per month or if you need more, opt for a paid plan.

You could use this tool to quickly establish what your readers want to see more of, less of or even let them suggest future topics to discuss. By getting your readers involved in the content creation process you can make them more engaged in your publications.

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