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eBooks childrenOne of the key features of digital editions is the ability to download and view a publication off-line. Note by ‘off-line’ we mean without an Internet connection. Off-line reading may be necessary in many situations, for example whilst traveling abroad where mobile data connections may be costly or consider hotel Wi-Fi which in many locations still incurs an annoying additional fee!

Many forms of public transport are now providing data connections but the number is thin on the ground. So how can digital publishers ensure that readers are provided with digital editions they can take on the road?

This blog post shall focus on the option available in 3D Issue which allows readers to save a copy of a specific file to their PC or MAC for off-line reading, note these options are not intended for a copy of the full publication. For the creation and download of a full off-line edition see this post on creating the off-line edition.

Here we are concerned with ‘take-aways’ think of these options as being ‘paper clipped’ to the full version of the publication. One applies to the on-line version the other applies to the off-line version.

The Download file button appears as below:

download button



The Open file button for off-line editions is illustrated below:

open file button



Where can we find these options?

Both reader options are available in the Pro and Pro 5 software under the Design Tab in the Interactive sub-menu. These two options provide very different reader interactions.

The Download file button will open a file on an external location of the publication when clicked. Depending on how a reader’s browser is set up this may be in a new tab or a new window. The download file button has multiple uses consider for example a pricing list which is located elsewhere on your server. Note the download file button will not commence an actual download. If the intention is not for a download but rather just to read consider adding a hotspot to the location or the web link button.

The Open file button will only appear on the off-line version of your publication which is distributed via CD or USB flash drive. This allows your readers to access the same document which was added in to the on-line version so nobody misses out.

So to re-cap digital publications created in 3D Issue may be on-line or on a USB or CD the latter is called the off-line version. These publications may have attachments added for your readers. For the on-line version you’ll use the ‘Download file’ button whilst for the off-line USB or CD version you’ll use the ‘Open file’ button.

Note: All information in this blog post is in reference to the Magazine mode in the software. It is not possible to add a file for download via an epub or mobi file which is created in the eReader mode of the software.

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