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steps to setting up digital magazineOne of the features 3D Issue digital magazine software offers you the creator is to allow your readers to have access to related or back issues from inside the magazine they are currently viewing. This is commonly referred to as the Archive Feature. It is very simple to set up, and once done your readers can access a graphical library of front covers of other publications you think may be of interest to them also, clicking on a front cover takes them to that edition.

So here’s how to set up your archive.

1. Select the ‘Archive’ option from the features list
When creating your digital magazine after you have uploaded your PDFs into the ‘Content’ tab go onto the ‘Design’ tab, select the ‘Features’ menu from the left of the screen and check the box ‘archive’. This will then enable the archive button in the reader interface.

2. Set a location for the ‘Archive file’
When you are ready to upload your publication to your website, navigate to the ‘Output’ screen. Select whether you want to create an ‘Online’ or ‘Offline’ edition (or both) by selecting the check boxes. Then check ‘Upload’ the first time you do this you will need to enter in your website details.

During this process the wizard will ask you where the software can store the ‘archive file’ This is a simple xml file that needs somewhere on your web server to be saved. Then once there it stores the names and locations of your editions and forms what is shown in the graphical library.

Simply select a folder on your web server for this to be saved. Don’t save this inside a particular issue folder, this should ideally be at a level above your issue. For example, if your website is and you create magazines that will be saved in locations such as, and so on it would be best to create a folder ‘archive’ and place it here:

edit ftp settings

3. Complete the upload process
Once you have entered in the hosting details, complete the upload and creation by clicking ‘BUILD’ This will then upload your digital magazine to your website and create the archive file. When the upload is complete you will see a message asking if you want to add this to your archive. Click Yes.

upload process

4. Organise the layout for your archive library
You will then be displayed a tree structure which allows you to organise the structure of your archive. You can add tabs for the magazines by clicking ‘New Group’ then place you mouse where you want this publication to site and click on ‘Add current Publication’ If you edited the tree to look like this:


organise layout

This is how it would look to your readers:

preview of end result

That’s it!

Then for each new digital magazine when you ‘Build’ the software will always show this message box so you can choose to add this latest magazine to your archive. This will also update all the other graphical library displays for your other magazines related to this archive.

add to archive

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