Why Publishers are Increasingly Relying on Digital HTML5 Publishing

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Digital HTML5 Publishing

Everything we read and view is published, publishing is all around us, sometimes we don’t even realize such is the widespread reach that publishing has and the level with which we take it for granted on a daily basis. Publishing itself has gone through major changes in the last decade alone, the advent of the internet first heralded a change in the publishing landscape, the introduction and subsequent runaway success and global adoption of smartphones, tablets and the plethora of connected devices we now enjoy, has further exacerbated these changes.

Publishers, more than anyone else, have had to adjust their approach to be both flexible and open; much like the topic of today’s blog about why publishers are increasingly relying on Digital HTML 5 publishing as the very future and heartbeat of publishing, the reality is that an online presence through connected devices is everything. We are talking about an industry which, in some cases was going through extreme turmoil and struggling just to survive. Publishers have and will continue to utilize any and all means and methods available to enable them to ensure they remain current and available in an ever changing world of communications and technology.

Numbers and options

We have already spoken about the huge influence connected devices and smartphones wield within our world today, the figures speak for themselves. It is therefore imperative that any content that is now published is available through all of these devices, not to do so is to cut yourself and your content off from the lion’s share of eyeballs around the world. Something no publisher can afford to do. So what are the options?

You have several options available to you, you can create numerous versions of your content for each possible device which the consumer may use, this technique works perfectly well but can be time consuming and costly. You also have the option of digital HTML 5 publishing. Digital HTML 5 publishing is now an essential feature within the publisher’s arsenal. PDF’s can be transformed into HTML 5 empowered flipbooks and content, the possibilities that this opens up to the publisher are sizeable and very welcome at a time when some publishers are feeling the effects of the worlds transition to the online domain. This now indispensable feature enables users on iPhones, iPads, Android and other mobile devices to get the very best digital experience, dynamic content, when and where they want to access it.


Content drives the internet and audio and video is driving the content

Publishing using HTML 5 becomes ever more important when the driving force behind the content that drives the online sphere happens to be audio and video; video in particular has taken the online world by storm. Video is a major influence in the content driven world of the online domain; it has been shown to increase the consumers understanding of your product or service by 74% it also enjoys the accolades of;

– After visiting a video Ad, 12% of viewers purchase the specific product featured in the advertisement

– Website visitors Are 64% more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video – Real estate listings with videos Receive 403% More Inquiries than those without videos

Factor in someone of the standing of Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research who remarked that a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words and you start to get the picture. Why is this important in relation to digital publishing through HTML 5 you may ask? The answer is simple, HTML 5 offers mobile capabilities which cater for a cross device viewing experience, an essential facet considering the majority of us will be accessing this content through mobile devices.

The internet is powered by content and that content is now being accessed by more mobile devices than ever before, surpassing PC’s as the main gateways to access all the data that the web holds within its cyber walls. It then therefore makes sense that your content should be mobile friendly, if the majority of access to the web is being carried out through mobile devices can you and your content really afford not to embrace HTML 5 digital publishing? Publishers who adopt and embrace HTML 5 technology will ensure that the availability of their content is not hindered by the devices on which it is viewed and in turn give their content and your business the platform it needs and deserves to succeed. They can’t really afford not to.



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