Digital–First Production Method Taking off for Book Publishing

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digital growthE-book sales account for more than 10% of revenue according to 36% of responsea from publishers in the Aptara’s fourth annual survey of Publishers E-book Operations.

According to this survey in April 40% of trade houses had e-book sales that brought more than 10% of sales to the company but 6% of trade publishers responded that they were unable to get any revenue from the e-book.

According to this article, The increase in sales was tied in with the increase in output, since at the minute 64% of trade houses, are making at least half of their titles available as e-books and 57% of all publishers are making more than half of their titles available as e-books when compared to only 31% two years ago.

Now let’s looks at some current statistic gathered from Publisher Weekly

17% of trade houses said that they translate e-books;

58% of publishers and 57% of trade houses said they produce fixed layout for e-books;

16% of all publishers said they used the agency model to sell e-books while 64% sold e-books through the wholesale model;

According to this article , 41% of trade houses now use digital-first production method rather than a print-based. This put the trade publishers ahead of the other publishing sectors in moving forward to digital-first workflow – where a single input lets them produce digital, print and mobile formats.

Adobe software which was which the most common tool for creating both e-book content and for producing e-books. Due to that software and its broad reach most publishers moved relatively quickly in using fixed layouts for e-books to publish children’s books, graphical novels and other forms of digital texts.

90% of trade houses state that e-books will be sold along with print with only 10% of them expecting to replace prints books by digital-only editions. At the minute, the education publishing sector for school and colleges could have a meaningful percentage of digital formats to replace print with 20% of publishers predicting that it could happen soon.
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