How to show E-Book Reviews & other Rich Snippets in Google Search

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digital editions reviewsIn today’s blog we are going to teach you how to make star ratings or “Review Rich Snippets” appear in Google Search for your digital publications. We recently implemented our own customer review section on 3D Issue, and thought we would share the process with you as it is a great way of attracting readers to your digital magazines, newspapers or e-books.  Google introduced this mark-up for Webmasters to optimize their pages in Google Search and provide as much information as possible to searchers, based on their search queries.

Here is a 5 step guide to show you how to implement this on your website to provide searchers with review information of your digital magazines or e-books, before they even reach your site!

  -Optimize your  digital publications for Search

First of all, you need to make it easy for potential readers to find your publications. Well one way of doing this is by ensuring your digital magazines, newspapers or e-books are optimized for search.

Create a Review Section on your website

Allow readers to write reviews and rate your publications. You could either create an individual review page for each publication, or create an aggregate review page for multiple reviews of a publication.

If you’d like a user’s review to appear under search terms surrounding a unique publication title, individual review pages for each title would work well. If you would like an aggregate rating to appear for your digital magazine, aggregate review pages would work better.

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-Mark-up your Review Content

When web page content containing review information is marked up, Google can identify it as a review. You need to show Google what your review content means by marking it up using microdata, microformats or RDFa. For guidelines on how to implement this correctly and following Google’s guidelines, follow this link for individual review mark-up and this for aggregate review mark-up.

Test it!

Use the Structured Data Testing Tool to test if Google can identify your review information. Enter the URL of your review page to test your mark-up. This tool will reveal structured data such as author, image, rating etc. Google can identify, and also of any necessary items you are missing.

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–  Be patient..

Although it may be tempting to repeatedly type queries into Google, hoping your rich snippet appears, once your rich snippets appear in the preview provided by Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool, don’t fear- Google can identify them. It is then up to Google when to display rich snippets- remember that Google bases its search results (Title, Description, URL and any rich snippet information) on the query the user types.

Other web content you could also mark-up to provide more information to searchers includes:

-Rich snippets – Breadcrumbs

-Rich snippets – Events

-Rich snippets – Music

-Rich snippets – Organizations

-Rich snippets – People

-Rich snippets – Products

-Rich snippets – Recipes

-Rich snippets – Review ratings

-Rich snippets – Reviews

-Rich snippets – Software applications

-Rich snippets – Videos: Facebook Share and RDFa markup for videos

-Supported software application types


By Joanna Brien.


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