Top Reasons to Follow Recipes on Digital Books

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Digital-BooksA digital book is increasingly becoming the cooks new accomplice! In today’s blog we will have a look at the benefits to having a digital recipe book to hand.

Cookbooks are selling better than ever. For many reasons the recipe book remains a high seller, people like to give them as gifts, people love cooking and eating, they are nostalgic, and of course they are just so practical. Each year brings with it a range of new diets so there is never ending scope for content.

A digital book can have many advantages such as:

1. Imagery to impress: Photography can give focus to a page, act as a key feature to draw the eye in. In cases where there may be lots of photos to show, an image gallery can be installed in a digital book’s pages. See below, you can click on the image to open the digital book.
digital book

2. An informative content’s page: In a digital book, your contents page can link to all other pages in the magazine, Use the “Jump to Page” feature available in digital publishing software to achieve this. Please see a tutorial video on the useful effect this can have.


3. Size formats: This sample is a square in size, something different like a subtle shift in format can be enough to gain attention and give your content a new feel.
digital books

4. Digitally Bookmark pages: The e-mail function included with 3D Issue digital book software allows readers to send e-mail directly from the 3D Issue digital publication, so they can share their notes, comments, and bookmarks. You can bookmark pages, then share them via email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Share the recipe to what you are cooking and post a pic of the finished result if you wish.

5. Create food newsletter or magazine: A digital book can take many forms and marketers often play with content like this to see which works best in online strategies, such as email campaigns.

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By Audrey Henry


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