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3d digital imagesDigital Book World is taking place right now in New York and its probably worth checking out some of the key note speeches taking place and the debates that will be carried on at the conference.

In an article noted earlier today in eBook reader the main points from yesterdays conference were held out as being a positive experience some of the salient points being that there is definite jockeying for position right now.

The demise of borders has been flagged as noteworthy of course and the potential for Print on Demand as an off-shoot of digital publishing and a potential threat to the brick and mortar stores from ‘pure play businesses’

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Sourcebook’s CEO Dominique Raccah announced a new proposition from that will bring ebooks to market faster while also maintaining quality in the publication.

Ellen Archer of Hyperion spoke about the use of digital publishing and the use of the medium alongside other forms of communication.

In light of the turmoil in place right now the general consensus from New York is a good one. For more on this you may wish to refer to the original article here.

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