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Digital-Book-SoftwareThe term digital book can cover many publishing and marketing types of online edition these days, and in fact the uses for such are increasing steadily.

People are taking the content they create in their own hands, downloading software that can transform their material into marketable online merchandise; such as a book or magazine that you can buy or subscribe to. The adding of a pay wall, or user login is easy with an online version and hey presto your own business has begun.

Marketers now a days have been given multimedia, and digital marketing roles. The public is online, they have desktops, laptops at home and in the office and on the move they have mobiles and tablets. Marketers must meet trends people are using to intake information or they may miss big opportunities.


The Diabetes Association of America has created an information booklet with 3D Issue digital publishing software. It has over 75,000 views online. Reaching big populations with a digital book makes good sense for large organizations such as government and health bodies. One advantage I instantly think of is the money saved on printing and postal costs.


See how they have added helpful video and web links throughout the publication. On page one the video explains Diabetes, on page 4 the video explains what we should be eating, on page ten the video explains what less starchy vegetables to eat, and so on throughout the book. There are also pages with web links adding to more information or sites that are specific to that article, for example the link to more recipes on page eleven.

Hopefully today’s blog has given you an insight into how frequently digital book software can be used and the many uses it has in society currently.

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By Audrey Henry


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