How the Digital App has changed the Education Publishing Industry

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education app imageThe birth of the app has expanded this industry beyond publishing giants such as Pearsons, Oxford University Press and Mc Graw–Hill. Through the medium of the digital app, more and more colleges and educational institutions are themselves embarking on self-publishing through on-campus units known as the Digital Publishing Studio. Some colleges plan the publication of digital apps designed and developed entirely by students.

Projects planned for the academic year through this concept of a Digital Publishing Studio could include an interactive multimedia annual report for Athletics and other departments and even an interactive, multimedia fourth-grade history textbook in collaboration with students and professors in the college history department. Alumni donations and gifts catalogues, event brochures, research papers and more.

College and sports magazines benefit from the production of the digital app, allowing the editors increase digital publication frequency, with more content, more video, and more interactive media. Streaming of student productions both in video and audio will continue to drive digital apps, so the content is available wherever and whenever someone wants it.

It can also create opportunities for public relations students. They can launch a marketing and PR campaign to promote readership of the studio’s publications. Currently, the publications are promoted via Facebook, Twitter, and within publications’ print versions. The Digital Publishing Studio also uses the university’s email and messaging boards to drive traffic to app stores.

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The marketing campaign can give students hands-on experience developing strategies and tactics to promote awareness and downloads of apps. It will also expose them to the analytical tools in their selected digital publishing software. Those analytical tools are going to enable the Digital Publishing Studio to expand into research.

It will allow the editors perform frequent and timely analyses of reader habits, such as application installs and launches, issue downloads, rich media use, and more. These kinds of data will allow the university to easily make changes to content based on the analytics they are seeing.

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By Linda Daly


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