Digital Advertising Revenue for ‘The Atlantic’

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publishing-digital-emag-ipadAtlantic media today announced that its recent revenue stream from on-line advertising has surpassed that of its print, 51% coming for the former and the rest from the traditional print mediums.

This is being cited as a major moment and potentially the first time a digital version of advertising has surpassed that of the print version of a publication, the Atlantic group does not have any cheaper material than its rivals.

The groups well known title is ‘The Atlantic’ click here for more information on this great indicator of the shift to Digital from the Guardian on-line in the UK and also here in digital publishing news from the New York Times.

An interesting fact from the source is that in 2008 only 9% of the group’s content came from digital advertising and the website has seen growth to 5.4 million users.
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