5 ways to develop a better content marketing strategy

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content marketingResearch shows that your customer is 60% through the buyer’s journey before reaching out to brands for help on available options. So most of their research is already done.  Therefore you need to focus on influencing that consumer make the decision that favors your product.  So how do you do this if the consumer has already made their minds up by the time that they reach your site or review your product? Content Marketing.

Before it was easier.  There were a fewer platforms that you could target. Today the way that people search has evolved.  Today people are influenced by their social group, their friends, colleagues or peers.  People research the market before they buy, they are comparing your product against competitive solutions.  It takes a great deal of momentum to drive discovery and engagement and this is where Content marketing comes into play.

In 2012 content marketing was the leading strategy with marketers worldwide. In 2013 that has grown to 35%. Content marketing is critical to your marketing plan.  So how do you get in front of that audience. If you write it, they will come!

1.       Write content that resonates
Be a thought leader.  Write about things that are in vogue in your market place, keep up to date with what is happening in your target audiences market.  Become the resource that they follow to keep up to date on what is happening in the marketplace.

2.       Be a resource for your customers
Provide them with content that helps.  While news is important, it dates quickly. Focus on writing content that will not age as quickly.  Use news as a way to sign them up and then continue to supply them with How to guides, reports, market reviews, or content that might help them in other aspects of their jobs.  These type of articles on blogs will also always provide ‘long tail’ traffic and leads. But remember, just because your valuable content in found on a blog, does not mean that everyone has seen it.  Add this to your email newsletters and constantly be retargeting that content to your new leads.

3.       Listen to the marketplace
Don’t assume that you know what they are interested in.  Try and get a better understanding of your audience.  Look at what’s trending in news forums that are specific to your target market. Do google alerts on news that’s relevant and then monitor the metrics.  Look at what your stats tell you about.

4.       It’s not about you
Don’t just focus on writing about your product and how wonderful it is.  Use this platform as a means of building a closer relationship with your audience.

5.       Converse
Encourage your audience to engage with you.  Ask them to contribute to the conversation, add their experiences, participate in adding opinions on the new disruption or encourage conservations about other problems that they are having. These types of conversations are invaluable as they can help you identify other features / solutions that might be help influence them towards selecting your brand.

By Paul Mc Nulty.


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