What Your Desktop Publishing Software Should be Able to do For You!

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Desktop-publishing-softwarePublishing has reached new frontiers of late. The facets and features now available in certain publishing softwares are quite remarkable. Options to publish to all devices, from mobile to PC is even in itself an impressive feat of modern technology, the responsive design elements being able so switch and suit a screen in milliseconds baffles the mind. And this is only the start of it, the creation of ebooks, and Hubs are also possible from some desktop publishing suites.

Creation of a Hub is sparking real interest in a multitude of publishers currently, this new technology is a dynamic way to aggregate rss or blog feeds into a Hub for your readers to enjoy. What is so exciting is that the Hub content updates as it’s an original web sources update. The Hub once created now will look after itself and always have the latest news on topics you have added. Imagine combining your social sites, flipbook, blog, videos, google alerts, manually added articles in one place, well now you can. Another cool aspect for editors of publications is that this software also has the ability to have articles submitted by email, so all contributors can be set up and collaborate easily. No problem meeting deadlines anymore… once added the content can be seen laid out in seconds and the link to the Hub shared.


Ensure the software you choose to use stays current, that the developers are meeting new device specifications so your content can be viewed by the widest possible audience. The software should be constantly releasing new updates with features and improvements, so check before you buy when was the last release was released!

By Audrey Henry


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